Step Away From the Illusion & Take Off The Mask!

October 27, 2020

We all wear masks from time to time… More so these days with the whole pandemic situation and mask mandates going on.

But I’m not actually talking about face masks. here… Not even fancy masquerade masks, or Guy Fawkes masks.

What I actually want to talk about here is the personality masks we all wear from time to time. The masks of facade… Of fear, judgement, doubt, and trying to fit in.

These masks are really just constructs of the ego, and they are agents of illusion.

Masks tell the lie that they’re needed for us to stay safe, to fit in, to relate to others and to the world around…

But really, when you wear a Mask it just hides the brilliance of your authentic truth and who you really are.

Masks seem innocent, but the danger in masks is that once you start wearing them, you may forget they’re on… Or you take a part of them off, but there’s still a layer of that mask filtering or blocking out our true Divine and radiant truth…

So something to ponder for you today:

What personality masks are you still wearing that would serve you to let go of?

Are you willing to take off your masks?

Are you willing to reveal the whole truth of who you are to others and to let your full radiance shine in the world even if others don’t accept you and who you are?

What next level of power, and possibility might align when you stop masquerading as something you’re not, and you start standing in your truth?

Masks are a powerful tie to the illusion, which are ultimately worn out of fear.

But really…

You’re exactly who you are meant to be, which includes making mistakes, messing up, and being less than perfect…

You’re immeasurably loved and supported by your entire team in Spirit…

Who know your full worth, truth and potential that can only be realized by stepping away from the illusion, taking off the masks, and standing in the light and power you authentically are.

And when you let your light shine like this…

It’s truly incredible.

With love,

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  1. Beautifully and clearly revealed, Melanie. The outer reflects the inner. A free face has become a symbol for a free soul. May we all liberate ourselves now from the illusory mind prison of fear and shame and step into a life lived as our true, naked natures of deep, solid self love.

  2. I like how you use mask in this metaphorical world. but what do you think about veils. Maybe spiritual in nature but physically covering the face, translucent brown? Thanks for your emails I enjoy them

  3. Any advice on how to strip out masks away, even those we may not even be aware of wearing?

    Love your new blog as well, good luck and bright blessings for this new chapter. Much love from (not so sunny) England Xx

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