The Spiritual Meaning of Buggy Lettuce.

February 2, 2016

When you pay attention the entire universe can be your guide.

Like this…

Just last night I was in the kitchen making dinner, spicy buffalo chickpea wraps to be exact. Yum!

Anyway, I pulled a head of lettuce out of the refrigerator and brought it over to the sink to start washing it.

I quickly realized this was going to be a longer process than I first anticipated.

Because there were bugs all over it.

Little green things… Cousins of aphids I guess?

My first thought is, “okay this is fine, I can handle this. I’d rather have some bugs to wash down the drain than lettuce dripped in a pesticide chemical coat”… And I kept washing.

But there were so many of them, and I actually started to get that squirmy feeling of bugs crawling on me.

Which I then learned was true, and a few aphids had crawled onto my arm…

But I was determined to make these wraps… So I kept thoroughly washing the lettuce.

I mean, other than the coating of bugs it really was beautiful lettuce… The bugs clearly hadn’t had quite had enough time to go to town and eat a bunch of holes in it.

So I kept pulling off leaves and scrubbing them under the water.

But then I noticed something interesting.

After the first couple of layers of lettuce were removed, the bugs were entirely gone.

They were only on the outside layers, but not in the center…

The heart of the lettuce was pure.

I of course gave the rest of it a good rinse anyway, but do you see where I’m going here?

We humans are very much like my buggy head of lettuce…

We so easily take on layers of negativity, and density, and “bugs” from society and the busy chaotic nature of life  around us…

But beneath all that…

When we take the time to thoroughly cleanse ourselves of past pain, negativity, and limitations we’re able to suddenly realize…

At the core…

In our hearts, there is nothing but pure, clean, crisp, bug free, love and light!

And sure, it may take some serious energy cleansing to reveal that… You know all that shadow work of releasing past traumas and breaking through the walls and barriers keeping us out of touch.

There may of course be some squirmy moments in the process, and moments when you want to just give up on the whole thing.

But as you might have guessed, the buffalo chickpea wraps I made turned out amazing…

And clearing your energy to allow the brilliant light at your core to shine through is absolutely life changing.

P.S. If you want the Buffalo chickpea recipe you can grab it here

And as a little post script confession for you, I’m seriously obsessed with Buffalo sauce.

This sauce from Nobel Made, which I get from Thrive Market, is my favorite. All the kick and tang of good buffalo sauce without too much spice and without sugar or a weird list of chemicals in the ingredients list.

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  1. God bless you! I once got lettuce that had ants all over it and like you I thought, it’s organic, I’d rather have ants than pesticides but I couldn’t get through it and sadly ended up throwing it out. I was so sad and disappointed at myself but I’ll try harder next time both to salvage the lettuce and to wash my core clean! Thanks for this post!!

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